Raya App The iPhone that is secret App (You’re Not Allowed On)

Raya App The iPhone that is secret App (You’re Not Allowed On)

Ever wondered just how celebrities and people that are famous up? Some usage Tinder, but lots of them use the dating that is exclusive, Raya…

Ever wondered if highly successful people, like celebrities and such, have actually their very own exclusive social network outside of Twitter and Instagram? Turns out they do; it is called Raya and it is basically like Tinder-meets-Faceb k, just for highly successful people and superstars.

Started in 2015, Raya is a private account social network. It costs $7.99 per month and is only available on Apple’s iOS platform – so iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. And you also probably won’t be able to join. Why? Because like the freemasons, it’s pretty exclusive. You’ll just join if referred by an user that is existing you’re invited by the platform to become listed on.

The owners of Raya DON’T promote. They also explain inform every one https://datingmentor.org/hispanic-dating/ of its users not to advertise the working platform, mention it, or share screenshots for the application online. When I said it is all very secretive. As business models get, Raya’s is basically gold – there is a lot of A-Listers, movie stars, and a-listers under one r f.

Highly successful people on Raya App

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That’s like one thing straight out of a marketer’s dream that is wet. To date, Raya has generated huge amount of money in investment and capital. But there’s still little underst d about the company; it does not even have a profile on CrunchBase. Fortsätt läsa >