Diamond Event Center, Diamond Cabaret & Diamond After Dark1222 Glenarm, Denver

Diamond Event Center, Diamond Cabaret & Diamond After Dark1222 Glenarm, Denver

In event associated with the twenty-first Anniversary, we have been creating a cross between the infamous JammyJam plus the sexy Ball!

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Underwear and Ropes. After all Robes. This is an experience that will make you tingling for the entire year!

22 years ago I created an event to create all my friends that are beautiful for the nights sensuality and excitement by having a little bit of naughtiness. A provocative exploration of elegant eroticism in a safe and environment that is welcoming permitting visitors to subtly push their boundaries. “Five hours of foreplay”.

This year i will be giddy that the ”costume mandatory” is the JammyJam! Design your most lingerie that is exhilarating as you were walking the Paris fashion runway! Needless to say, human body paint and imaginative sexy costumes are still welcome. Less could be more. 😉

At the party, you will discover everyone from business owners to politicians, designers, and models mingling with young professionals that are urban. an interactive event, a feast for the sensory faculties – delve deep into your desires, ignite your passion, and explore the unknown.

Perfect for couples or singles alike, the event proves to supply a unique experience for every attendee – arouse your partner with your exhibitionism, finally share that intimate desire you’ve been keeping a secret, or simply get a person’s eye of somebody new over the r m and connect in a meaningful method.

Love and Lube,Kevin J. Larson

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What is The Sexy Ball?

Sexy Ball guests exemplify beauty, cleverness, wit, success, sexiness, knowledge, openness, non-judgment, want to explore, fearlessness, elegance, acceptance.

An attractive, sultry and elegant naughty party with unique environments, different proclivities and phenomenal shows.

Sold out 19 years, 1,200 people, 7 phases, 6 r ms, a maze of hallways

5 Hours of foreplay. Building excitement, new ideas, sexual stress. foreplay.

A welcoming environment to push your boundaries, without damaging your reputation.

A Dirty Tasting. test all different forms of eroticism. Decide what you like best. or keep attempting them all

FACT 91.3% of women whom attend their first ball that is naughty they felt over-dressed and can get back the following year using less.

The crowd that is beautiful sultry eye-candy and most alluring.

Passion with Respect and Integrity, for other people as well as yourself.

A provocative research of eroticism and healthier sensuality with business people, politicians, music artists, models etc. all celebrating life. Tantalize your head and sensory faculties developing a euphoria of abandonment.

“The suspense is terrible… we hope it’ll final.”

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“….the celebration is about the individuals.” – Denver Post

“Best place to visit a politician in bondage.” – Westword

“It is every soul’s duty to command the confidence to explore goals by expressing interests. Accept your destiny with conviction to delve into desires, unearthing the fantastical realm of euphoria, love, and desire.” -KLP

COSTUME MANDATORY! No Costume, No Entry, No Exceptions.

Sexy nun, nurse, cowboy all g d. Better is creativity, Bodypaint, bedazzled, underwear, sexy, sultry, feather, lace. Be adventurous in your costume.

COSTUME MANDATORY! No Costume, No Entry, No Exceptions.

Slutty nun, nursing assistant, cowboy all g d. Better is https://datingmentor.org/cs/hinge-recenze/ creativity, Bodypaint, bedazzled, lingerie, sexy, sultry, feather, lace. Be adventurous in your costume.

VIP 2 VIP spaces | personal staircase between fl rs | Private entry, 2 bars, and restr m | Erotic Garden | Private stage for guests to execute

KLP seen on HBO, CNN, E! Television, Woman’s Mag, WB, ABC, NBC, S, Fox, Den Business Journal day

Protect Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News, 5280 Magazine, Black Tie Colorado, Westword

Slutty Ball Specials

Flame of Passion Crop just for $29 together with your ticket. Retail $80

There are NO refunds for just about any g d reason for Kevin Larson Presents Denver Activities.