Interesting Combinations using a three card system for courts

Interesting Combinations using a three card system for courts

Had been just working through my deck in threes. And realised just how interesting some of the three card-ers were.

In the first place, as an email, once I read three cards, we read in a way that is specific that we find helpful – specially with courts. It is adapted from the Personal Prophecy system.

Say you’ve got three cards. 1, 2 and 3.

If card 3 is a court, we ALWAYS [as a querant] share the communications of cards 1 and 2 with that individual. If card 3 is a court, it is usually somebody else.

If card 2 is a court, we ALWAYS share the message of card 1 with that individual. If card 2 is a court, it will always be somebody else. Card 3 is really what the court in card 2 carries. It really is their thing. Their intention. So if the ’King of Cups’ was in position 2 and held the ’Empress’ as card 3, we would determine which he ended up being a caring and nurturing person. It really is just like getting a snapshot of the focus or what they need to fairly share with us. I usually consider card 3 because their backpack, if card 2 is a court. Card 1, therefore is, perhaps how it really is distributed to us.

Then that is ALWAYS us, as a querant if a court is card 1. We read from left to right. Then when a court is in position 1, it really is exactly how we are represented, with your focus. The following cards, if do not have courts, are purely in what we’re doing. Then the same applies, as mentioned above if a court hits either positions 2 or 3. What exactly is inbetween us or ’carried’ is the communications between us therefore the court.

If there aren’t any courts, it’s purely about us.

Check out examples. Since using credit cards, I always utilize this technique. Really disables all of that ’is the court me or somebody else’ stuff.

The Fool, King of Swords, Seven of Cups – This will equal – US [invisible] >>> Fool [what we share with all the king] >>> The king [another person] >>>> Seven of Cups [what the king carries, their intention]

The master is only a little immature in this situation, keeping the ’7’. He’s permitting their feelings rule his position and mind. Once we [as reading from the left, invisibly] share using the court, the ’Fool’ brings chaos into our sharing. Aided by the ’7 of Cups’, this master flits from a single thing to some other and that can maybe not make any emotional decision, a proven way or perhaps the other. This can be chaotic in our relationship with him.

Six of Swords, Queen of Swords, Ace of Swords – This would equal – US [invisible] >>>> Six of Swords she carries and brings to the reading or relationship[what we share with the queen] >>> Queen of Swords [another person] >>>> Ace of Swords [what the queen’s intention is or what]

Going towards a better destination. Your way is distributed to the queen. She holds the ace, so it’s her who helps make the very first move and energy to instigate a fresh start. Possibly in a word, phone-call, letter.

Webpage of Cups, King of Wands, Queen of Pentacles – This will equal – Webpage of Cups [US, as with place 1] >>> King of Wands [another person] >>>> Queen of Pentacles [another person this is certainly worth focusing on towards the king]

I will be the page. I’d like a love affair, relationship or connection that is emotional the King of Wands, for i will be cups. He wants a passionate connection; perhaps sexual, because he could be fire and wands. He looks to the Queen of Pentacles [whom he owns, in terms of position]. She actually is grounding and earth. She might be his wife. Or possibly some body which he hinges on economically or actually. Similarly, perhaps she utilizes his financial or real output, which will be much more most likely, since she actually is receptive – for care and nurture. She grounds him.

Five of Pentacles, King of Cups, The Star – This equals – US [invisible, but on left] >>>> Five of Pentacles [what we share because of the king] >>>>> King of Cups [another person] >>>>> The celebrity [what the king carries and brings to your table]

The master has some type or form of emotional link with me. He’s maturity that is emotional. He holds the Star, so he is hopeful and it has faith. But loss is indicated by the ’five’. This is exactly what we share. This might read two ways. He may provide hope in a situation that is hard of. Or possibly, should we have been in a relationship, he could he keeping some type of hope of a reconsiliation that people will rekindle after some slack up.

Page of Swords, Four of Wands, Three of Cups – This equals – Page of Swords [US] >>> Four of Wands and Three of Cups [situations inside our life]

I will be the web page. I would like stability and security. I believe there clearly was commitment that is possible the ’four’ – passion within instructions. The ’Three of Cups’ signifies times that are good celebrations. Maybe a happy home and a family is wished for. The ’three’ is growth through the world of emotions. The web page may little be a too mentally immature to manage each of this yet.

Death, Hanged Man, Four of Cups – This equals – US [invisible] >>> Death, Hanged guy, Four of Cups [all situations relating to us]

There was stagnation and boredom within the ’Four of Cups’. Death indicates that change is certainly much needed. But with the Hanged Man in between, i might that is amazing it isn’t imminant. Laziness could be a problem. Sitting as well as waiting, rather than getting out of bed and making designs that are new your own future.

i am hoping you find this intersting. I take advantage of it a great deal now as it has become so matter of fact in my reading that I had forgotten how important it was. I experienced forgotten just how of good use it had been when it was discovered by me. But try not to credit me personally. It really is from Deborah Leigh’s book, Personal Prophecy, about handmade cards.

If anyone is interested, I utilized the Renaissance Tarot when it comes to examples.